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who we are

famous last words is built on the premise that good books and good drinks go hand in hand. We're proud to host book clubs, special events and random get-togethers for Junctionites and for book and cocktail lovers from all over.

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about the owner, marlene

Marlene had the idea to combine books and cocktails and took the dizzying leap from a career in corporate marketing into small business ownership. Her goal was to build a comfortable, inviting and approachable space for anyone who wants to explore books and cocktails, regardless of how much, or how little you know about either of those things. She’s so grateful every day for the amazing team that has become the heart and soul of this little book bar and for everyone who chooses to spend an evening with us. Thanks for welcoming us to the neighbourhood, supporting what we do, and making it a genuine pleasure to be here night after night!


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