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get free help from creative experts.

We've assembled a community of creative professionals donating their time to help small businesses market themselves during these tough times. The roster includes social media experts, photographers, artists, and online influencers all focused on creating a positive impact on your business right now.
For the time being, our (free)lance program is open to businesses who meet the following criteria:
•  Rents or owns commercial property in the City of Toronto
•  Have fewer than 10 employees or 25 if they're a fitness studio, restaurant or bar
•  Not be a corporate chain or franchise

become a neighbourgood (free)lancer

We’ll pair you with the right businesses based on your expertise. You’ll lead your own projects, potentially collaborate with other creators and help make a big difference. If you need an extra set of hands, we’ll be there every step of the way.

sell gift cards now, for later

We've partnered with a gift card platform that handles everything from instantly sending you payment to easy redemption. No setup fees, no monthly fees, nada. If you already sell gift cards, we’re happy to link out to your website.

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